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Ask and you shall receive…

Posted on: February 6, 2013

Last night I did this:

– bathed the kids

– cooked a meal (actually, I cooked two meals: one to be re-heated tonight as I knew today would be extra busy)

– emptied and re-stacked the dishwasher

– washed dishes

– read stories

– tucked children into bed at least 15 times

– packed three lunch boxes

– packed three school / preschool bags

– packed my own lunch and bag

– made myself and Tom a cup of tea

– sat down to do school work

Tom lent a hand with some aspects, but mostly sat on the couch doing stuff for work.

Tonight, I have:

– bathed the kids

– read stories

– brushed teeth

– tucked children into bed

– emptied lunch boxes and bags

– asked Tom to deal with the dishes and pack Tiernan’s lunch box for tomorrow

– sat down on the couch to do school work

– hesitated to ask Tom to make me a cup of tea. Because it seems like so much to ask, especially since I’ve already left other things for him to do.

– realised I generally do seem to have trouble asking for things, even though I feel I’m quite a giving person and wouldn’t hesitate to do the same thing for anyone else.

– went ahead and asked for the cup of tea, despite feeling like a burden for doing it.

– enjoyed my cup if tea and the piece of cake that unexpectedly arrived with it!

2 Responses to "Ask and you shall receive…"

Cake with tea! That sounds fantastic :3

And for what it’s worth – the way I got over my reluctance to ask for things was to reframe it as actually doing the other person a favor by giving them a chance to do some concrete thing to contribute to my happiness/sanity. Obviously an attitude that I wouldn’t want to allow to get out of hand, but it’s very useful when I get into my stubborn ruts of “I can do it myself!”

A great post! I was reading your list thinking of all the extra little things school has brought upon me lately (I was spoiled with cooked lunches at preschool). I too have realised that there is a lot of give and take going on at home at the moment to try and cope with the new routine. I empty/wash lunch boxes + cook dinner while hubby baths the kids. We both put the kids to bed, then while I prepare the lunches, I am offered a cup of tea. And tea made by someone else is always good!

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