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A crafty resurrection

Posted on: February 26, 2013

I am super proud of these busy garden scenes the girls and I just spent an hour making:



I love them because the girls did most of it on their own.

I love them because they look great!

I love them because, despite only having six hours sleep last night, I managed to be totally cool and let the girls take the original idea (a garden) and do what they wanted with it, instead of getting all uptight and perfectionist about it.

I love them because it was relaxing time spent with the girls when we weren’t rushing from place to place.

I love that Molly had a go at writing her name:


This is the first craft thing we have done in yonks, and it was a good reminder of how enjoyable it can be when I just go with it. With Tiernan at school now, it has been tricky trying to work out what to do with the girls in the small amounts if down time we do have, because I’ve been worried about Tiernan feeling like he’s missing out. It’s a bit silly, I know: he has done plenty of things the girls haven’t, over the years, simply because he is older. But still, it seems wise not to make days at home with Mum sound too exciting, especially while he’s having trouble settling.

Craft seems like a happy medium for now, until Tiernan is secure enough for us to do a few more special things without him.

1 Response to "A crafty resurrection"

How clever and adorable, and so timely – the weather feels like it’s just now considering turning toward spring where we live. I hope Molly’s proud of having signed her artwork!

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