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Stupid Ancient Egyptians

Posted on: March 15, 2013

We were discussing Ancient Egyptian mummies in the car this evening.

Actually, no. First we were discussing Scooby Doo, but the conversation naturally wound its way around to Ancient Egyptian mummies.

I explained a little about the process involved in making a mummy, and that it was done to preserve the dead person’s body.

Tiernan asked what Daddy Egyptians turned into when they died.

I told him they were turned into mummies, too, and that mummifying has nothing to do with being a Mummy or a Daddy, it’s a completely different thing.

Then I told him that Ancient Egyptians sometimes even mummified animals, like cats.

He was incredulous. Why did they do that?

I answered that they believed cats to be Gods so they treated them with honour and turned some into mummies when they died.

He asked what a God is.

I told him a God is a being with special powers.

He laughed. They were pretty stupid and funny then, weren’t they?

Yep. Those stupid Ancient Egyptians, with their uncanny scientific knowledge and ability to build mind-blowingly immense structures that have stood for millennia, and we can’t even figure out how they did it.

Stupid indeed.

1 Response to "Stupid Ancient Egyptians"

On the other hand, at least you have a record of this conversation so that when the construction of the pyramids do get around to blowing his mind, you can point him to it.

The deity thing is a little bit difficult for us; we’re very much a mishmash of beliefs and superstitions beyond whatever spiritual identifiers to which we ascribe. I tend to stick to “well, some people believe that…” when asked a direct question about something that involves a faith-based response just to cover my own butt 😛

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