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10 things about Molly, age 4 1/2

Posted on: March 31, 2013


1. You are generally a happy, bubbly kid. Pleasant to be around, cheerful and funny. However, over the last two weeks you have been very inclined towards tantrums, even over silly little things that normally wouldn’t bother you. I hope you’re just tired and that you will snap out of it soon.

2. You are now one of the ‘big girls’ at preschool and at dancing, and you are enjoying this different role for you. Having always had a big brother, you don’t get to be a ‘big kid’ very often. It’s nice seeing you getting this chance to shine a little and be a leader for your peers.

3. You still absolutely love dancing, so you’re really happy now that your classes have started up again. You had a concert last week at a local event, and you had a blast. So much so that someone in the crowd came and congratulated you afterwards for your enthusiasm and concentration: you had a big smile on your face and never took your eyes off your teacher the entire time!

4. I’m really fed up with your screaming. Playing, tantruming, crying, happy, sad, angry – any excuse will do for you to start screeching at the top of your lungs. It’s contagious, too. Neave and Tiernan are quick to join in once you start. It’s a wonder the neighbours haven’t put in a noise complaint.

5. You are making good progress with your speech therapy, even though I don’t make time to practice with you as often as I should. You enjoy the attention you get from the speech pathologist, and from me when we practice, so you are keen to try. Your program ends in another month or so. I really should get my act together before then.

6. You’re still not keen on playing soccer when we’re at your actual game, but you had a fantastic training session last week. You joined in with the exercises, dribbled the ball, kicked, passed and played a game at the end. You even scored a goal! So I am encouraged to persist with you and keep taking you to games. Hopefully you will realise soon that games aren’t much different from training.


7. You don’t seem to need your day sleep as much anymore. About two day sleeps a week seems to be enough to keep you going. I actually prefer it that way, because when we have to pick Tiernan up from school, it is very difficult to coordinate sleeps as well. If I try to get you down too early, you’re not tired and it doesn’t work anyway. But if I leave it too late, you don’t get enough sleep and when I wake you up to go, you are cranky and awful for the rest of the afternoon. Even when you don’t sleep, I still have to sort Neave out somehow, but it just seems easier when I only have to worry about one.

8. Now that Tiernan is off to school, for the first time I am thinking about what school will be like for you. It seemed silly to contemplate it before Tiernan had started, but now he has and I’m beginning to wonder. I think you will like it. I think you will be ready and confident. I think you will know some stuff already, because you are very interested in what Tiernan is doing, and you seem to be taking some of it in. I’m really excited for you. It’s still a while away, though, so I want to make this a good last year at home for you. I hope we will get time to do some fun things together this year, to show you you’re my big girl who is nearly ready for school.

9. Your asthma has recently started playing up again after we took you off the preventer, thinking you didn’t need it any more. Oops, better start you on it again.

10. You have escaped needing glasses yet again. At least, for the time being. This is a big relief, because the longer we can wait, the better, I think. I’m happy with the specialist’s decision to wait because he seems quite conscious of the balance between waiting too long that you struggle with letter recognition, and starting too early that its a big cost, not to mention a hassle to get you to wear them. I can’t say I like the guy much personally, but I think he has made the right decision. We’ll review it again later in the year.


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