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Oops, this post has been sitting in my draft pile, half-done, since Neave’s birthday in April.

There have been many distractions lately, since I have been working a lot more and busy with a lot of new things that have been going on.

Also, we’re kinda moving to Brisbane in 3 and a bit weeks!

Long story short, Tom has been offered a fantastic job up there and it was too good an opportunity to turn down. So right now, we are busy cleaning out our crap and getting ready for the big day. As well as working, studying, schooling, and you know, normal stuff.

So yeah, a quick catch-up post now, but then it might be a bit quiet around here until we are settled and have essential things like Internet again.


1. You have been taking yourself to the toilet quite reliably for a couple of months now. I’m not going to say anything about it to jinx myself (we had about 18 months worth of toilet training with Molly), but it is nice! It’s especially encouraging that you are staying dry overnight, too.

2. I love the way you skip happily around from place to place when you’re in a good mood. You often chatter and sing to yourself, too. And dance. So lovely to watch.

3. Your vocabulary is growing and you are finding new and interesting ways to express yourself. You love to chat on the phone, and will often ask whomever you are speaking to (usually Gran or Aunty Kate) if you can go to their house. Then you ask what they’re doing, and tell them what you’re doing. You are definitely the best three-year-old conversationalist I have met, although you can be a little difficult to understand at times, which is frustrating for everyone involved.

4. You are getting to be quite demanding, and it’s obvious that you’re used to getting your own way, because you hate it when you don’t. You hate it long and loudly. We’ve had to make a conscious effort to not give in to your charming and winning ways quite so much now, lest you become a bit of a brat in future. You are getting better acquainted with time out these days, too. Just another sign that you’re growing up.

5. I made the decision to cut out your day sleep a few months ago and we are all much happier for it. It was getting too hard to co-ordinate sleeps and school drop-offs and pick-ups, and then you were taking far too long to go to sleep at night. So now you and Molly have a ‘movie rest’ in the afternoon for an hour while I take some me time, or get other things done. You are often very tired by the time 5 O’clock comes around, though, and you sometimes fall asleep and miss dinner, but you’re adjusting.


6. More elements of your personality are starting to come through as you get older. You absolutely love our cat, Elle. Molly and Tiernan do, too, but neither if them are quite as doting as you are. You will happily lie with her and pat and kiss her for as long as she can tolerate your affections. It makes me happy to see our pets finally getting some of the attention they have been missing out on since you three kids landed in our house and pushed them out of it (sorry, Elle and Winston!)

7. When you dress up as a princess (which is often), you always put your tiara on the back of your head rather than the front! It doesn’t matter how often we show you Molly’s one, perched princessly on her regal brow, you always opt to slide yours on the other way, your orange curls looped among the glittering jewels and diamant├ęs. Like a modern princess, peeps.

8. Every morning we do major battle over which spoon you are going to use to eat your weet bix. You insist on the purple spoon, of which there is only one, so if it is in the dishwasher then bad luck, baby. However, we are likely to hear about it for the next 15 minutes when this happens. Your dad, in his wisdom, decided to buy a whole packet of new spoons, so we now have three for you to choose from. Great move, except now you have taken to eating with all three at once. Back to square one!

9. Each night when I tuck you in, we go through a rigorous routine of kisses. You point to a spot on your face and I have to kiss it. Then you point to the next spot, and so on. When you’ve had enough you say, “Go away now.” Such a delight.

10. You still come into our bed in the early hours of each morning. This is a divisive topic between your father and I. He wants you to stop because you interrupt his sleep with your tossing and turning. But I like your snuggles and feeling close to you. I know it won’t last forever. I guess we’ll wait and see how this one plays out…


Yay! School holidays are here at last! It was such a drudge going back to school after Easter. It really felt like we’d earned a break already. But anyhoo, here we are, holidaying.

We’ve just come back from spending a few days on the south coast, first with my mum at her house, and then with Tom’s parents at a family friend’s holiday house.

The kids had a great time, but were rather ratty. Not sure whether it’s due to the change in routine, or the excitement of being away, or whether they’re feeling a bit off. Either way, we spent what felt like a large chunk of the trip arguing with each one of them about various things.

Despite this, a good time was had by all. Tom got to check out a brewery he’d been wanting to see, and he also managed to escape to the pub to watch the A League Grand Final.

I managed to finish two books while we were away, so that’s two more books than I usually finish in a week. Result.

New skill.


Sliding with Gran.


Checking out a demolished lighthouse with Nanny and Poppy.


Checking for dolphins.



We headed to an indoor play centre due to bad weather on Day 2. The kids had a ball. They even tried rollerblading for the first time.


Neave enjoyed dancing in the lights as much as the rollerblading.

Checking out the local sights with Dad while Mum relaxes packs and cleans up (with a bit of relaxing time thrown in after!)



A quick stop off for ice cream on the way home.

So now we’re safely home again and still have another week to enjoy before school goes back. Lucky us!

Neave just turned 3. My baby is growing up too fast!

Here are some pics of what we got up to in the days leading up to, and on her birthday.


At the park.


Playing in her new tent.


The cake.


Decorating cupcakes.




Eating cupcakes.


Blowing out the candles.

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!

Phone poll

Posted on: April 5, 2013

We were eating dinner the other night when the phone rang. Neave rushed off to answer it.

“He-llo! Yes! He-llo! Here’s Mummy!” She thrust the phone at me. I put it to my ear, expecting to hear my Dad’s voice on the other end as he has impeccable timing and almost always rings while we’re eating. However, what I heard was a computer voice saying,

“… if you would please participate in a short survey that will take under one minute…”

I tuned out again as I considered whether or not to hang up, but as it was going to be less than a minute, I decided to keep listening. I completely missed hearing who was conducting the survey or what it was for, so had no idea what subject was about to hit me, but hoped I’d know the answers.

The first question, still delivered by the detached, electronic voice, was,

“If there was a State election tomorrow, who would you vote for? If you are not sure, indicate whoever you have the slightest leaning towards…”

Oh great, politics. Here we go. Um…

“…Press 1 for Liberal, 2 for Labor and 3 for Greens.”

I entered my choice and hoped there would be no more political party questions because, quite frankly, I’m disenchanted with every one of them.

Next question: “Do you agree with legalised hunting in NSW National Parks? Press 1 for Yes and 2 for No.”

Well that was easy, 2. But it didn’t let me indicate how strongly I disagree with hunting in NSW National Parks, so I held the button down for a little longer than required. That should do it.

Next: “Do you agree with legislation that would make same sex marriage legal in NSW? Press 1 for Yes and 2 for No.”

Oh bugger it. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1.

I hope they got the message because there were no more questions after that. I think I broke the survey.