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Happy Holidays!

Posted on: April 22, 2013

Yay! School holidays are here at last! It was such a drudge going back to school after Easter. It really felt like we’d earned a break already. But anyhoo, here we are, holidaying.

We’ve just come back from spending a few days on the south coast, first with my mum at her house, and then with Tom’s parents at a family friend’s holiday house.

The kids had a great time, but were rather ratty. Not sure whether it’s due to the change in routine, or the excitement of being away, or whether they’re feeling a bit off. Either way, we spent what felt like a large chunk of the trip arguing with each one of them about various things.

Despite this, a good time was had by all. Tom got to check out a brewery he’d been wanting to see, and he also managed to escape to the pub to watch the A League Grand Final.

I managed to finish two books while we were away, so that’s two more books than I usually finish in a week. Result.

New skill.


Sliding with Gran.


Checking out a demolished lighthouse with Nanny and Poppy.


Checking for dolphins.



We headed to an indoor play centre due to bad weather on Day 2. The kids had a ball. They even tried rollerblading for the first time.


Neave enjoyed dancing in the lights as much as the rollerblading.

Checking out the local sights with Dad while Mum relaxes packs and cleans up (with a bit of relaxing time thrown in after!)



A quick stop off for ice cream on the way home.

So now we’re safely home again and still have another week to enjoy before school goes back. Lucky us!

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