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Hard of hearing

Posted on: August 5, 2013

We’re settling in, here in Queensland We’re busy catching all the Queensland bugs going round. All of us have sniffles, but the kids are particularly blocked up. We’ve had some amusing conversations as a result, such as this one at the dinner table tonight.

Tiernan: “I got wet sand thrown at me today.”

Me: “At school?”

Tiernan: “No it’s not!”

Molly: “It’s not cool, Mum!”

Me: “I didn’t say it was cool, I said ‘at school.'”

Tiernan: “Yes at school.”

Me: “Well, that’s not cool.”

Tiernan: “Snot pool?”

Molly: (Laughing) “Snot pool!”

Me: “Oh, I give up!”

By the way, the wet sand thing was a game, apparently. Tiernan gave as good as he got, and then they all got in trouble… Well, that’s his version of events anyway.

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