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Oops (Part 2)

Posted on: September 3, 2013

Ah! It gets worse. And a bit funny.

Tom got home from work. Molly met him at the door, and inquired about his day, in her bubbly way. Tom responded that he’d had a good day but had heard some sad news.

Tom: “I heard that you said some rude words today.”

Molly: “Oh. Yeah.”

Tom: “Well, I don’t want to hear that you’ve said rude words ever again, or there will be big trouble, okay?”

Molly: “Okay Dad.”

Tom: “Because saying rude words is not okay.”

Tiernan: “Yeah, she said fuck.”

At which point I proceeded to snigger loudly from the adjacent room while Tom sternly lectured Tiernan about not repeating the rude words that other people say because that is also not okay.

When the lecture was done, Tiernan came into the room I was in and we made eye contact. I adopted a sober expression but he must have seen that I’d been laughing. He hesitated and then said with a smile,

“Well that was a bit confusing.”

I laughed out loud and hugged him while he continued, “I only said that Molly said…”

I cut in before he got himself into more trouble, “Yes I know you didn’t actually mean it but you still said it.”

Tiernan: “So does that mean I have to say she said a rude word, instead of saying the rude word?”

Me: “Yes, that’s what that means.”

Tiernan: “We’ll if no-one is allowed to say it, why do they even bother having that word?”

Me: “Good point.”

Tom and I are still laughing about it. We’ll argue about which one of us taught our kids to swear later, I guess.

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