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10 things about Molly, age 5

Posted on: October 9, 2013


It makes me feel old to say I now have two children over five. I can’t quite believe how quickly things have changed, from 3 under 3 to 3 over 3!

1. Your confidence is amazing. You are just so engaging and friendly, always happy to have a chat to just about anyone. You also really understand the two-way nature of a conversation, you give and you take. I think this makes you stand out a little, particularly with adults, who seem drawn to you. You are very entertaining!

2. You’re a smart little cookie, always thinking about things and working them out. You recently told us you knew that three times two is six. Apparently the buckets in the bath taught you (because there are six of them and you like to line them up in groups of two).

3. I have my fingers crossed for smooth sailing when you start school next year. I think you’re going to fit in just fine. You are keen to learn new things, especially about reading and writing. I think the biggest problem you will have is learning to wear your shoes all day! Right now the only footwear you will deign to put on are your ballet shoes, your plastic high heels, or your thongs. Socks are right out. Apparently this was an issue for me too,. Hopefully you will be so happy at school that you will soon forget your loathing of shoes!

4. On your fifth birthday we were able to have a little party for you and invite some new friends you’ve made already at preschool, plus your neighbour friends. The kids you chose to invite were all lovely, as were their parents, who stayed for the party to. It made me quite proud of your social skills, to be able to surround yourself with nice friends so soon after moving.

5. I think further testament to your social abilities is that you obviously still miss your old friends. We had the opportunity to see two of your best friends, whom you’ve known since you were tiny, on our recent trip to Sydney. The three of you were so excited to be together again, and you slipped right back in to playing without any fuss or shyness at all. You were quite upset when we had to say goodbye again, poor thing. But we’ll be sure to visit again next time we’re down that way.


6. You’re quite bored at home some days. Ideally, you’d be at preschool two days a week instead of one, but that’s all we could get at your new preschool. You’re quite happy to play with Neave, most of the time, but I think you’re really ready for bigger and better things. I find it hard to motivate to get out and about, because you seem to think you’ve seen it all and done it all. At least you got a stack of crafty things for your birthday, so you’ve got quite a few things to keep you occupied for the next little while.

7. You can be a right miss at times, quite demanding and rude when things aren’t to your liking. And there is still that dreadful scream to contend with. I have very little patience for you when you are like this. You spend quite a bit of time in your room or time out, ‘adjusting your attitude’, as we say.

8. The thing about you is that you’re well balanced; you are equal parts awful and super sweet. One minute you’re bellowing that you hate me, the next minute you’re telling me that you will love me forever and that I’m the best mummy in the whole wide world. Little suck-up, that’s what you are.

9. When we go out, you are usually the one I can rely on to be sensible, follow instructions and listen. You are unique in your ability to do that (your brother and sister are missing the listening gene, evidently). I’m grateful to you for that. Instead of having to chase three of you around, I usually only have to chase two.

10. You went through a stage where it was very difficult to get you out of bed in the mornings, despite your previous reputation of being the early riser in the house. I think it had to do with you being embarrassed about not staying dry at night. However, in the last few weeks you have made a big improvement, and are only wetting occasionally at night. You’ve got your morning spring back, and are once again happy to get up and dress yourself, and even start making your breakfast without much prompting. Well done, you!


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