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10 things about Tiernan age 6 and 1/4

Posted on: October 9, 2013

23.09.13   (2)

Oops, a bit late with this one, again. Well, it has been rather busy around here!

1. You have settled in to life in Queensland surprisingly well. I’m so proud of the way you have taken all of these new changes in your stride, mostly. The distance from your old friends and your grandparents has been upsetting for you at times, but you are so accepting of our new situation that you can graciously count down the days until they come to visit, without causing too much fuss over it. Well done, you, and thank you. This could have been so much harder than it has been.

2. In the mornings, you are almost a completely different person; you spring out of bed, get your uniform on, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, pack your bag. I no longer have to fight with you every step of the way, which means you even have time to play before it’s time to go. Amazing!

3. You seem to be enjoying your new school. You’ve made some new friends, and your teacher seems happy with the way you have handled the change so far. I think the more relaxed atmosphere of Prep really suits you. There is a little less academic work and a little more hands-on stuff, which is very much to your liking. You are stoked with last term’s ‘theme’, which was your favourite subject, Pirates. Mrs T, the TA in your class, told me you were encouraging the class to ‘vote pirates’ when it came time to choose. Fingers crossed for another exciting theme this term.

4. You love having a neighbour your age. Every weekend since we’ve been here, you have wanted to ask him over to play, or to play at his house. Luckily, he has a nice family who seem only too happy to have you over, or to let your friend play here. His younger sister is Molly’s age, which is also very convenient. I love how easy you find it to make friends.

5. You’ve even taken a sudden interest in practising your writing a few afternoons a week. Perhaps the marshmallow bribe has something to do with it? It’s possible. But there’s no bribe needed when it comes to Reading Eggs, which you’re happy to do most days.

23.07.13   (1)

6. We brought the Prep guinea pigs home for a weekend, at your request. I’m not a huge fan of vermin usually, but must admit these little guys are pretty sweet. It was nice watching you and your sisters pouring your love and affections on to them. Although, none of you were much help when it came to cleaning their cage out.

7. You recently started swimming lessons because it really is time you learnt to swim. So far so good, although you are being your usual difficult self when it comes to after school activities. You really love the idea of going, but once we get home from school, you dig your roots in and don’t want to leave again, even if you know you will enjoy it. It’s completely frustrating, not to mention boring, having the same arguments over and over again.

8. You are way into Ninjago at the moment. As well as Ninja Turtles, and well pretty much anything ‘Ninja’. You are intensely interested in weapons like swords, nun chucks and stars. Most of the imaginary games you play involve fighting. I still struggle to be ok with it all, but the horse has well and truly bolted now so my energy is probably best spent worrying about other things. Like whether letting you do Tae Kwon Do would make you more or less likely to fight at school…

9. You had a special friend at school last term, a girl who is so much like you it’s not funny. You seemed to get along like a house on fire. We were lucky enough to be able to arrange a few play dates with her Mum, so you both got to visit each other’s houses, and I got to chat to her lovely Mum. However, it seems the relationship has turned a little sour of late, and you say she isn’t your friend any more. Apparently, she told you she doesn’t like you. I’m sad for you, although you appear to be fine about it. You tell me you have a new best friend, another girl in your class. We’ve had a few discussions about whether it’s fair to assign people as your ‘first’ best friend, or your ‘second’ best friend… I think you’re coming around! I hope you and your old friend are able to work it out, and that you find a way to be friends with lots of people, without anyone being upset. It’s tricky! I remember. Good luck, my big boy!

10. You are so very creative! Your drawings are just great – I particuarly love your pirates, complete with curly hat and scull-and-crossbones. You are also really clever with any type of Lego. You make things all out of your own head, like a dinosaur with claws, a tail and everything. You also make really cool things out of things from the recycling box. I just love how you can, in no time at all, make something out of almost nothing. You just get an idea, and off you go.

You still drive me crazy on a fairly regular basis, but I can see that you are growing up and becoming quite mature in lots of ways, too. And I can usually rely on you for a good laugh, when I need one! Keep on being you.

This is you being a velociraptor, in the jungle you artfully arranged out of palm branches.

This is you being a velociraptor, in the jungle you artfully arranged out of palm branches.

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