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Cute sayings

Posted on: October 9, 2013

One of my absolute favourite things about knowing kids (and living with them), is the funny things they say.

I found this list in my drafts. Originally it was just things Tiernan says, but I’m going to include Molly and Neave here, too.


Alive = Alived. I have no idea why he feels the extra ‘d’ is necessary.

‘Ear mugs’ = Ear muffs.

‘For good’, as in ‘I’m going to wash my hands for good’ = I’m not really sure what he means by this but I think he is just trying to highlight the importance of what he is doing!

‘I’ll be as good as gold’ when he is trying to convince me to take him somewhere.

‘Pirates of the Caravan’. After all this time he still says it.


‘Berember’ = Remember.

‘Cement’ or sometimes ‘dement’ = Meant.

‘Underbrella’ = Umbrella.

‘Hostible’ = Hospital.


‘Neabie’ = Neavie. I’m not sure she realises her name is actually Neave, and not Neavie.

‘Wibawef’ = Elizabeth. It’s especially cute when we say ‘Neave Elizabeth’ to her, and she says, “Don’t call me Wibawef!”

‘Sweety-art’ = Sweetheart.

‘Aunty Gran’ = Could mean either Aunty Kate, or Gran. She is always getting them mixed up!

‘Birffay’ = Birthday.

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