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10 things about Neave, age 3 and a half

Posted on: October 20, 2013


1. You are definitely carving your place as the cheekiest of our three. You wantonly ignore many of the ‘boundaries’ we set, all the while grinning from ear to ear and giggling. The cute is wearing off, but it’s still there, so we sometimes have trouble keeping a straight face while enforcing the rules with you, again and again.

2. All little kids talk in a cute way, but you have a distinctly ‘Neave’ way of saying things. All your f’s and s’s sound the same, which is somewhere in between ‘s’ and ‘th’. You can now say ‘L’ but you like to linger on your l’s and so you say “Mollllly, I want a lllllolllllly.” And you add extra words into your sentences, like “I did do it Mummy.”

3. It’s obvious you’re growing up and becoming less toddler-ish. I can tell because you no longer think packing up is as fun as playing. Lately, at pack up time you have been disappearing into your room while everyone else pitches in (or doesn’t, depending on their mood). It’s a shame because you used to be the best packer-upper.

4. You still come into our bed most nights. I love waking up next to your warm little body. I miss you on the mornings you don’t come in.

5. I think I have been taking for granted how easy you and Molly are to have around during the week. It will be a big change next year when Molly goes to school and it’s up to me to be your entertainment instead… Hopefully we will meet half way, doing things together and also doing things apart (me house stuff, you playing on your own). I am looking forward to having some one-on-one time with you on a regular basis though.


6. We took you all to the pool last weekend and wow, you are suddenly a little fish. All your swimming lessons seemed to click into place, and you were zooming around doing rockets, backwards and forwards to the side of the pool. Watching you practice and being so confident was such fun.

7. On a similar note, you are also confidently riding Molly’s bike (with training wheels). We haven’t bought you one yet as we got Tiernan and Molly there’s on their 4th birthdays. I wonder if you can share Molly’s for that long, or will you be ready for one at Christmas? I’ve been looking forward to you all having proper bikes, so we can go on proper rides together!

8. You’ve been quite defiant of late, often yelling “No!” when we ask you to do something. Not for any good reason, just because you feel like trying it out. Subsequently, you’ve also been spending a bit of time in ‘time out’ as well.

9. You are growing more and more confident with strangers and in new situations, when you used to be so shy. Maybe you are following Molly and Tiernan’s example, or maybe you are just coming out of your shell in your own time? It’s funny to have three such friendly, open kids who are eager to sit and have a chat with just about anyone.

10. I know I say it all the time but I just can’t believe how fast you’re growing up. You’re my littlest baby but you’re not really a baby any more. At least you’re still happy to let me ‘baby’ you, sometimes. Just keep on being you my little Neavie cherub!



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