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10 things about Neave, age 3 and 10 months

Posted on: February 6, 2014


1. You love us to do ‘Round and round the garden’ with you, and ‘This little piggy’, only you make us substitute the teddy bear and the piggies for werewolves. “This little werewolf went to market, this little werewolf stayed home, this little werewolf had roast Neave, this little werewolf had none, and this little werewolf went Awooooooooooo all the way home!”

2. You still come into our bed in the very early hours of most mornings. And when you don’t come, I miss you.

3. Now that both your older siblings are at big school, you are going to have to learn to make your own friends. You like playing with other kids, but you tend to let Molly and Tiernan break the ice before you will join in and play with them. It will be interesting to see how you go.

4. So far, you have been enjoying our Mummy and Neavie days at home while the others are at school. However, yesterday you told me it was too quiet and you wanted Tiernan and Molly to be home with us. I felt bad for you but I think you will get used to it. I like the peace and quiet! But will admit to being slightly bored sometimes and not really sure what to do with you. You want to be entertained. I don’t always want to be entertaining. We’ll have to work it out between us.

5. In one of my more ‘entertaining’ moments, we invented a game where we are monsters and we hunt teddies to eat around the house. We sneak up on them quietly and then pounce at the last minute and gobble them up. Then we be cuddle monsters on the couch after our big lunch.

6. You like helping me in the garden. You put on your over-sized gloves and dig around in the dirt, and then you want to plant seeds so I tip some into your tiny hand and you pour them into the hole. Five minutes later you ask if they’re ready yet.


7. This week you went to Kindy two days for the first time since moving here. I thought you would take a while to get used to it but you actually seemed quite keen to go, and only freaked out just a little bit at drop off time. This is a really good thing!

8. I’m looking forward to you starting swimming lessons again in a few weeks. You recently made a breakthrough and you’re now able to propel yourself forward very well under water. Coming up for air is a problem for you though and we often have to pull you up so you can take a breath. It will be nice when we don’t have to worry about that!

9. I still can’t quite believe that this time next year, you might be at big school too. I’m very undecided about whether or not you should go next year, and whether or not I want you to. No decision needs to be made yet, but it won’t be long. You’re just so little. It would be nice to have you home for longer, but we both might get bored. I wonder if you will be ready in a year? We can only wait and see.

10. You have been quite independent about getting dressed for a long time now, but I love that you still put your sandals on the wrong feet every single time. You are very good natured about fixing it though when I point it out to you. You just sit down and get on with it.


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