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It seems I start so many of these posts with, “It’s been a while…” But, I’m going to do it again. Because it has. Been a while.

Here are some pics of what’s been happening.

Tiernan got an award at school (and a buzz cut after trimming his own hair with scissors!):


My garden grew:


Neave turned 4:


Face paint fun:


Spider Girl:


More Birthday Cake:


Tom’s parents stayed for 2 weeks, so we did lots of fun stuff, including a picnic at Redcliff:




We cafe’d


And visited Australia Zoo:









The adults enjoyed morning tea at Mt Coot-tha one fine day:


Then, after Nanny and Poppy said their goodbyes and flew back home to Sydney, the rest of us sent to Suncorp Stadium for the A-League Grand Final:




Last of all, Molly learned to ride her bike! And Tiernan wrote her this sweet note:



I love having a futon, because I can do this to it:


for a whole week and no-one objects.

And when they run out of clothes it’s the first place they look.

The kids and I have just come back from our 12 day visit to the Blue Mountains and NSW South Coast. It was lovely, being home again, catching up with friends and family. We visited some of our favourite people and places, and in the process realised how much we’ve been missing them.

I just felt like sharing some photos I took on the first day of our stay in the Mountains. A few months ago, some serious bush fires threatened the area, with nearly 200 houses burning down. Our old suburb escaped unscathed, apart from some last-minute controlled burning conducted by the Firies, to help reduce the threat to homes near the bush. They burnt out a large area of bush that we used to live very close to, and that Tom’s parents still live right in. The kids and I went for a walk to the look out just to see how much it had all changed.


Only half of this tree got burnt.

New growth springing up.

Kookaburra feather.

Broken branch.

Hollow tree, all burnt out.


Burst Banksia.

Purple gum leaves!

A long, black strip of ash is all that remains of a large log that used to block the path.

Furry regrowth.

Uncle Gareth’s tree house still standing (just).

My favourite tree, unscathed.

We returned to Tom’s parents’ house with black feet and mixed emotions. There was some sadness at the changes to ‘our’ bush, but also happiness and even pride at how quickly the bush springs back to life afterwards. The kids were fascinated to learn that fire is actually good for many trees and plants, as it clears out the undergrowth and even helps germinate seeds. I remember feeling the same way after witnessing similar bush fires in the area as a kid. It made me realise that this stuff is all part of growing up in the bush, and while I’m obviously devastated for those who were immediately affected by the fires, I’m also glad that my kids got to experience this event, from a safe distance. Hopefully this will help them to build a healthy respect for the environment in which we live.

So, I don’t know if you noticed, but I am trialling having this blog open to the public once again. Don’t lose your invitation, though, because if it goes pear-shape I will have to shut up shop again.

I believe the undesirable person who was leaving nasty comments here was accessing via Facebook, so any links I post to this blog will be through private messages from now on. It’s been a while, so I hope that person has long since forgotten about me, and has found something better to do with their time than pick on others.

Apart from that, it should be business as usual around here.

Thanks for sticking around.

Ok, so I made a mistake in my last post when I went on (just a little bit) about how no-one was showing any coverage of the Paralympics, nor discussing it, nor even acknowledging its existence.

I thought this was weird. And very, very rude.

Turns out the Paralympics hadn’t actually started yet.

Oops. If I’d done my research, I’d have known that. But instead I just look like a bit of a dick. I’m pretty used to that, though.


Now that the Paralympics have started, the ABC is doing a great job of covering them, and they are showing not only events with Australian competitors, but a whole range of events. I’m really enjoying it.

 Image from here.

Here are some blurry photos from Easter, and the weeks following. The photos are blurry because I took them all on my phone. I use it more than the camera these days because the camera is just as blurry. That’s my fault. I took it to the beach and got sand in it. So, blurry photos all around.

Easter morning. The Easter Bunny made the mistake of leaving Neave’s chocolate bunny within her reach. This photo was taken at 5:30am.

Molly being a princess down at Mum’s house.

Mum and I took the kids to a wildlife park in Nowra during our stay at Mums. This koala actually put its paw through the fence to have it stroked. Cute, although I was a little concerned someone (not the koala) would end up with severed fingers!

Neave opening some birthday presents. She’s pretty good at it.

Cake(s) number 1.

Neave enjoying cake number 1.

Cake(s) number 2 (featuring leftover cakes from cake number 1). These went to Family Day Care with Neave.

Cake number 3 – trampoline cake for her little party.

How I wish this one wasn’t blurry! Soooo cute, Neave. Feeding her doll.

Tiernan drew this racing car. He put the 2 on it first, then the 1, and told me it was ‘twenty-one.’ Close! He’s not big on writing, but loves to count and read numbers so I’m thinking he’ll be a numbers man. I don’t like to push him to do things he’s not interested in – he’ll have plenty of time to do that stuff in school. I gave up teaching him to write his name a while ago. But he figured it out anyway:

His day care educator was as surprised as I was when he did this all on his own at drawing time. Clever kid. I think he is a bit like me that way – doesn’t want to try anything unless he’s pretty sure he can already do it!

We got a new fridge, which means the kids got a new box. Win-win!

Boxes also make great down-hill racing tracks.

Molly’s new haircut. I’m a bit sad to see her long curls go, but she hates having it brushed. Hates it. She actually wanted it shorter than Tiernan’s but I convinced her to try this length out first. I have to admit I’m struggling with this one. She wants it short, I want it long. I was the same way with Tiernan – it’s the curls, they get me every time! However, it’s her hair so if she still wants it short in a few more weeks, then we’ll give it a try. I’m not entirely sure she fully understands that once it’s gone it won’t be back for a while, which is another thing that’s holding me back a bit. But we’ll see. The hardest part will be convincing Tom…

And today I learnt that I have one leg shorter than the other.

So now I finally, finally have an excuse for hating running so darn much.