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The recent loss of Robin Williams has had a profound effect on most people I know. I grew up with this guy, he was in nearly all of my favourite movies as a kid. His tragic departure from this world feels a bit like a personal blow.

So, in honour of his memory, I have taken it upon myself to re-watch his movies. I’m sure many people are doing the same thing.

And I’m realising something: the man was an absolute genius. I kind of always knew it, but had never really thought about it properly in those terms. His ability as an actor, both comedic and serious, is probably second to none, in my opinion. Because you just believe him. You can see it in his eyes: he is fully in the moment in every scene. He absolutely believes in what he is saying. He is Mrs Doubtfire, Peter Pan, a robot called Andrew.

Today I relived my childhood a little by sharing Mrs Doubtfire with my kids. There were M&Ms, Cheezels and hot chocolates. There were couches, blankets and snuggles. And there was the magic of Robin Williams and one of my favourite of his characters, Mrs Doubtfire.

We laughed. I cried (just a little, to myself). And then I thought I would ask the kids what they thought of the movie:

Synopsis: “He’s a man and he dresses up a lady. A granny. I don’t know why. But he looks after some kids. They don’t know he is a man. But then two of them knowed it was a man.” (Neave)

Highlights “My favourite part is when he loses his face out the window! And when he threw a lime at the man.” (Tiernan)

“‘Do you need a hand?’ ‘No, I need a face!'” puts face into hands “Hello!” (Neave)

“Hellloooo!” (Molly)

Rating: “4 stars. Not as good as Aladdin, but I liked it!” (Tiernan)

Here is link to a YouTube snippet of our favourite scene: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=20MGAOQeQyc